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Attention/warning Concerning Membership And Activities Outside Of Forum


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Hello everyone.. Hope we are all doing just fine..

Its come to my attention that a Member here has created another venue and is actively recruiting Staff Members and Just notable Members through various means.. I will not condone this nor sit idle by and allow this Distraction and Interference to Our Forum Here.. Its wrong and we all know its wrong.. Im talking about ALL OTHER LINKS AVOIDING TEAMOS POLICY That to be CLEAR

All forum Business and Chat need to be done on the TeamOS Forum and not elsewhere.. Thats Why Ive done my best to provide everything needed here.. If anyone found in violation or stubborn disagreement then expect your fate coming..

So be advised and warned..

Suck it up and Support Team OS

Thanks and Dont let me Down

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Hello Everyone. Time to explain why this kind warning was posted and what is merely a warning and what is real Threatening..

First to mention.. TeamOS would never intentionally Threaten.. The WWW is open and free to everyone's taste and open Minds.
Many members/staffers are on other sites.. It only makes good sense.

Now example of wrong way to Ignore TeamOS Policy and in this single instance it as obvious..

Example: Member creates a separate venue to do forum work etc.and promote themselves and hide from owner all the while using Forum resources kindly provided by owner..
Adds a Button with link for this in their signature to draw and attract members to his/her creation thus causing a distraction/interference to Main Forum. Simple Spamming advertising.. Nothing else.

Now Example of really Threatening:

Wife/Girlfreind/ Mother...." BumSoo!!! What are you doing and who are you always taking too?? Stop this or Im going to take a hammer and bust you and your PC's and throw all
out the window.. Dinner is ready and Language School starts in 1 hour.. Get your ass off the PC Now"

Thanks for listening and Good Will to All!!

Dark Wolf

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Whomever is doing this, ought to be ashamed of themselves. I took on this role as Super Moderator because I love TeamOS. I love to help others.
I fully understand why @Mr.Lonely said what he said, as I likely would have the same thing. What people do on their own time is their own business, but when they create another venue just to rip us off, that is NOT COOL. What they get is a well deserved ban.

Also, lol @TheMacGyver ... that last paragraph... ROFL!! :giggle::giggle:


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"One bad apple can spoil the whole barrel". - I hope you are able to catch whoever is causing the concern here. The forum seems full of great individuals sharing great information and useful tools, and it would really be bad if something were to drastically change. I have not been as active lately due to relocating across the country and still settling in, but I hope you are all able to catch the culprit. Best regards, TeamOS!

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