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Direct Ant Download Manager Pro Version 1.10.0 -=teamos=-


Power User
39.7 GB
378.3 GB

Ant Download Manager is a minimalistic and fast downloader of any Internet files with the advanced function of downloading audio and video content. The application comes with a minimalistic interface design that allows a user to familiarize himself with its tasks without great efforts quickly.

A user can rely on this program to grab online content and save it on a computer by adding a download link to the clipboard. The application automatically detects online content and allows a user to specify the saving path. Additionally, a user can access a tool that will enable him to download videos from various websites, including YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook and much more. A user needs to provide a valid address and hit the refresh button so that the utility can fetch additional data, such as name, thumbnail and playback details. It is also possible to choose a preferred format from various available options.

Ant Download Manager is a reliable application that allows a user to organize and conveniently keep track of downloads.

  • No advertising;
  • Simple and intuitive interface;
  • Fast and effective;
  • Full integration to most popular web browsers;
  • When capturing video AntDM offers to extract and convert the video sound to MP3 format;
  • Video grabber;
  • Loading different types of video files;
  • History view;
  • Download speed acceleration;
  • After downloading AntDM can execute any program to process the downloaded files including antivirus, archiver, etc.;
  • Quick Update;
  • Drag and drop;
  • Lists view;
  • Preview media files;
  • Supports network HTTP(S), FTP(S) and stream media F4M, M3U8, MPEG-DASH, RTMP(x), VIMEO-STREAM protocols;
  • Supports proxy HTTP(S), FTP, SOCKS4,5;
  • Storing encrypted passwords for sites requiring authentication;
  • –°hecksumming;
  • A standard task scheduler;
  • Portability;
  • Support most popular Generators Premium Links (Debrids) alldebrid.com, cocoleech.com, debrid-link.fr, ffdownloader.com, linksnappy.com, mega-debrid.eu, real-debrid.com, premium.rpnet.biz, simply-debrid.com, etc.

Other features:
  • A User's Guide that is maintained up-to-date with each new version;
  • Saving the downloaded files by category, all together in a single folder, or any other different from the binding categorized;
  • Support downloads list with extensive sorting and search capabilities;
  • Links parking, active downloads indicators;
  • Redownload bad fragments. If the file was downloaded with errors, that is, the ability to redownload only erroneous pieces, rather than to start the download again;
  • Control download speeds for all or selected downloads;
  • Monitor the clipboard (On\Off - Config\Tab General);
  • Download priorities: Highest, High, Normal, Below, Low, Disabled;
  • Computer shutdown after all downloads;
  • Disable hibernation during download (On\Off - Config\Tab Downloads);
  • The ability to automatically delete the task after loading (On\Off - Config\Tab Automation);
  • Sound (On\Off - Config\Tab Sounds);
  • The possibility of changing the software's skins;

What is new in version 1.10.0 Build 53224 (Released on October 03, 2018):
  • Added support of 4K monitors;
  • Added force download when the maximum number of downloads assigned in the settings already are downloading;
  • Added sorting by media duration for Thumbnail View;
  • Some restrictions of Free version were relaxed;
  • Optimized chromium DLHelper extension;
  • Fixed font scaling;
  • Fixed file renaming;
  • Fixed LinkParking tooltip information;
  • Refactoring and bug fix.

System requirements:
OS: Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 & 10 (both 32 & 64-bit);
Mozilla FireFox or clone: Comodo IceDragon, Waterfox, etc.;
Google Chrome or clones: Comodo Dragon, Opera, Slimjet, UC Browser, Vivaldi, etc.;
Internet Explorer 8+.
HDD: At least 306 MB of free disk space.

Install notes:
1. Kindly read 'Read me.txt' file given in download zip file;
2. Enjoy!


Virus free! 100% clean!
All credits go to the :( who share the patch with us!

Kind regards,
in collaboration with TeamOS ;)

Download links (Size: 28.80 MB):
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Power User
360.3 GB
40 TB
You are putting a lot of time and effort into your post.
They are really well done.
You have your own style.
Love the spoiler button.
With that said I want to try out this program.
So thank you for posting this for us.