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Direct Advanced SystemCare Ultimate


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14 GB
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Advanced SystemCare Ultimate includes time-tested comprehensive tools and utilities for tuning, optimizing and accelerating the Windows system, as well as advanced anti-virus technologies with the Bitdefender engine, which can be downloaded for free on diakov.net. With real-time protection against viruses, spyware and phishing, a wide range of tuning and cleaning systems, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate provides continuous, automated, full-featured protection against all types of computer threats, system slowdowns, freezes and crashes.

The program takes care of the security of your PC and automatically ensures maximum computer performance without slowing down the system. Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is an independent product. In addition to the newly built anti-virus features, it includes all the features of the Advanced SystemCare PRO program.

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is compatible with other security software, such as antivirus, firewall, and malware protection.

The software package provides security and maintains maximum computer performance automatically, without slowing down the system.

• High threat detection and complete protection
• Security without compromising speed
• Safely download and share files
• Remember the feeling of a new computer

Features Advanced SystemCare Ultimate:

• Anti-virus protection
Removes deep infections and protects your computer from various threats using Bitdefender antivirus technology.
• Surf Protection
Protects you from various online threats to ensure your safety while visiting websites on the Internet. Blocks malicious, fraudulent and phishing online resources.
• Protect your Home Page
Protect your home page and default search engine in your web browser from malicious changes.
• Anti-browser snooping Auto-clear
privacy data as soon as your browser closes. This way you will be protected from surveillance.

• Active optimization
Continuously and automatically improves computer performance.
• Monitor performance
Monitoring and fast, as well as a slight increase in PC performance.
• Optimization / defragmentation of disks
Properly organizes the data of hard drives and optimizes SSD-carriers for maximum performance and data access.
• Acceleration of the system
Fully optimizes Windows for system performance and increase Internet speed.

• Deep registry cleaning
Prevents crashes / errors in Windows to improve computer performance and stability.
• Secure file deletion
Includes secure and slow file deletion using the DoD 5220.22-M algorithm used in the US National Department of Defense standard.

Automatic System Maintenance

Auto Care Automatic care of your computer when the system is in standby mode.

Auto Cleaning Automatically clears sensitive data upon login.
• Auto
Update Auto- update the system at a specified time or when updates are available.

What's new:
Free shipping, protect your phishing sites, and junk messages.
Brand New Digital Fingerprint
You must be able to use it.
Newly built-in files for Windows Mobile, Microsoft Office Cache, Google Chrome log files and uncompleted download files.
Chrome, Opera, Firefox, even Chromium-based browsers, and Facebook.
Home Security Advisor.
Edge and block more cryptocurrency mining attacks, and malicious sites.
Rebuilt Startup Manager to further remove your Microsoft Edge extensions.
+ Improved Software Updater to support updating Spotify, Internet Download Manager, and more.
It is also possible to optimize your window size.
Redesigned Turbo Boost
+ Brand new UI for more intuitive and fluent experience.
+ Supported 32 languages.
+ And more can be discovered by you.

OS: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / Vista / XP. Download Advanced SystemCare Ultimate (103 MB):

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