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Torrent Acronis True Image 2020 Build 22510 + Bootable


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Acronis True Image 2020 Build 22510 + Bootable ISO
Program Install & Bootable ISO

Acronis True Image is a feature-packed software solution can save valuable user data while providing him with
comprehensive backup and restore functions. However, its feature list goes well beyond this, as it can be used
to create drive and disk images and restore them when you need a clean system.

Restoration of the data can be done even if Windows becomes unbootable because the suite allows a user to create
a bootable rescue media (CD/DVD or USB storage device). Furthermore, the Startup and Recovery Manager is capable
of starting Acronis before loading the operating system by overwriting the master boot record and making available
the option to boot straight into the program.

Try & Decide feature extends the functionality of the package, allowing a user to make changes to the system and
discard them at system restart if they are affecting the system negatively. However, it also offers the possibility
to apply all modifications. All backup files created with Acronis True Image can be mounted as virtual drives. This
way, the user can check the contents and even copy data without having to restore the entire copy.

The suite includes all regular forms of backup (full, incremental and differential) for helping a user save data on
its computer or Acronis Cloud and carry out sync operations across all its devices. Furthermore, a user is allowed to
split, validate and encrypt backups, create an exact copy of its whole partition, insert comments, shut down the
computer at the end of the task, run a backup as a different Windows user, adjust the compression level, send email
notifications, and create exclusion lists.

Apart from the robust backup features it offers, Acronis puts at user disposal a suite of instruments designed to help
him keep the disks clean of unnecessary data. As such, System Clean-up utility can search for Windows activity traces
(temporary files and history lists) and eliminate them.

Moreover, the bundle incorporates the possibility to sanitise hard disk space by running a set of overwriting routines
that prevent recovery of any deleted items. Secure deletion is also on the list, Acronis offering an ample pack of
efficient destruction algorithms (Peter Gutmann, Bruce Schneier, Russian and German standards, etc.).

Users running Windows 7 Ultimate or Enterprise can combine Acronis’ conversion capabilities with Boot Sequence Manager
utility to turn system backup copies into VHD images and boot from them. Plus, a user may design a secure partition
for storing backups on your disk. The tool lets user import/export backup settings from/to ZIP files and convert an
Acronis backup to a Windows one or vice versa.

Acronis True Image proves to be one of the best software solutions that the user can rely on when it comes to backup
and recovery options. It provides a user-friendly interface and a robust feature pack for helping him save data
locally or online.

OS: OS: Windows® 7 SP1 and Above
Processor: that supports SSE instructions.
Memory: 1 GB of system memory
Hard drive: 2 GB free space

Follow the ReadMe.txt for instructuions

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Awesome, this will definitely come in handy for me. Thanks!

Trip Murphy

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awesome bro thanks a lot for this, Nice work mate keep up the good work! :):h:


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Thank you, this is the best program to clone .... :clap: